Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Teaching Twos

O.k. as everybody knows, no secret... I suck at writing.
But I am still here wanting to share everything I do with my little ones :)
Starting this week I am not teaching fours and fives,
but instead I have taken a job with two year olds,
which is going to be different as a lot of you know.

I'll still be sharing projects that I do with my daughter
now going to first grade, as well as the ones that she brings from school
(when school starts again)

Meanwhile I'll be sharing everything I do with my little two year olds
as I am getting organized and getting ready for my new adventure.
Right now I am reading a lot about this age group, so if you have
a blog concerning this age group I would love to see it.

I'll be sharing as I put together some prop boxes,
songs, rhyming cards, and everything in between.

 Thanks for reading

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