Friday, June 24, 2011

Third Annual Book-A-Day Challenge

Thanks to The Well-Read Child I found out about the Third Annual Book-A-Day Challenge
in which I'll be participating with my daughter reading to, and with her every night.  Some of them she'll be reading by herself also, since she is about to enter First grade she is practicing her reading skills.
So far we already started, here is what we have read so far

I chose to start her summer reading
the easy way by getting a few books on CD
awesome way to warm up to reading every day :)

This books was also on CD

what girl doesn't love My little Pony
thank goodness for their books
and Jessica loves
reading rebus

Now this one was a little hard for Jessica
to read by herself, so we read it together
Loves the Spanish in it :)

My daughter love the cute and colorful illustrations in this book
and what I liked the most is the she read it all by herself :)

I love the way this books has the pictures on one side
and the words on the other page
It has the right amount of high frequency words
perfect for her age
not to mention the awesome colors that attracts little girls,
and... she read it all on her own.


This is our dream, to have a bunny
so that's one of the reasons why we chose this book :)
It was a little hard for her to read it on her own
but she tried really hard because of the bunny :)
and of course We love, love, love the illustrations!


Let me tell you this are some great selections for her age (6 y.old).  Some books where chosen from our local library Kindergarten book list and some others are from her school Summer Reading List.

I'll be posting more books and details, according to what we read :)

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  1. How was the Brownie & Pearl book? The books in that series have such adorable covers, I'm itching to read a few!

  2. They are so cute! in fact we got Brownie & Pearl Step Out and my daughter read it today all by herself :)

  3. I'm here from what my child is reading, I'm your newest follower of GFC! Hope you'll stop by and visit :D

  4. Lovely books.I'd love it if you linked up to book sharing monday on my blog :)

  5. Thanks for joining WMCIR! There are a lot of great picks on your list. We read and enjoyed some of them, and I will look for a couple of others.


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