Monday, December 29, 2008

A few educational sites to share

Between the holidays, a wedding to attend over the weekend and New Years coming up has been a little hard to get in the computer lately, luckily Jessica has been really distracted with her new toys while I am trying to plan a curriculum for her for the new year, I am not good at planning or following one curriculum only, and that's why I collect all this links here on the right hand side of my blog. So while searching all around I have found a few links that some of you out there might find interesting: this one is a preschool curriculum planning guide by the national network for child care.

Learning Treasures also has an awesome skills list for 2, 3 and 4 y. old

And this one has free curriculum activities

That's all for now since my house is a complete mess I have to get back to it :)

I'll be posting more as I find more information, to me spreading the word about educting children, and how to get better at it is so rewarding :)


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