Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chameleon crayon art

This is pretty neat, and very fun
we took advantage of the chameleons colors to do
the stained glass effect

first we peeled little pieces of crayons

then we placed a chameleons coloring sheet on the table
on top we put wax paper and then
using a pencil sharpener we put crayon shavings
on top of the wax paper, then
place another piece of wax paper on top
and iron it, the crayon will melt quick
and spread mixing the colors

this is a close up of the crayon shavings

when is dry, you cut it.

the chameleon that you see at the bottom
is the coloring sheet that was underneath the wax paper.

The proyect came from Martha Stewart website


  1. that looks like such fun!!! we asked the library for the book justnow so we can do it too!

    when i blog i'll link up to you and give you all the credit for a wonderful activity!!

    the link didn't work though can you send me the coloring sheet?

  2. thanks so much for the nice comment,
    I am sorry about the link not working, I forgot to activate it, it should be ready to go and working now :)
    but please let me know if still doesn't work, will happily send it to your e-mail,

  3. Very cool! We recently read some other chameleon books, so we may have to give this project a try. :)

  4. I love this idea! I'll have to try it with my girls:0)


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