Thursday, February 5, 2009

A simple matching game

This is just a simple matching game that we did last night
another way to use stickers and/or old workbooks
this one is just matching colors
and the bottom one was to match the shapes

I really don't remember where I got the stickers but this activity
is easily achieved by cutting old magazines and gluing the object
next to the colored shape
After that, we are cutting them individually
to be able to play a color matching game
and of course teaching her the colors in spanish...
blue = azul
red = rojo
yellow = amarillo
green = verde
purple = morado
brown = marron
black = negro
white = blanco
orange = anaranjado
if you think of any color that I didn't put here, please let me know I'll added to my list.

Wow! How can I forget
pink = rosado
that's my last name lol
Clemencia Rosado
amazing I forgot that!!! lol thanks


I love your comments :)