Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today is Pancake Day!!!

Here is Jessica making her own pancakes
and due to her lactose intolerance, and past egg allegy
we made up a special but delicious recipe for her
and very simple too, we mixed
1/4 cup of Aunt Jemima Original pancake mix
with 1/4 cup soy milk
that's it! and comes out great, very good consistancy and fluffy :)

here we are frying it in a butterfly shape

and here is the final result

she finally can eat eggs, so here they are in her plate :)

Today we are going to be reading

Curious George makes pancakes
Pancakes, Pancakes! from Eric Carle

Together with that we have some pancake activities
here is a pancake coloring page
here is a pancake maze
Mrs. Pancake has an cute little pancake book free to print
and here is a pancake song


  1. I would love to know how bad the egg allergy was and how old she was when she finally outgrew it. My 2nd son was milk and egg allergic and has outgrown the milk allergy, but not the egg yet. He's 4 and I'm trying not to give up hope... :)

  2. I have so enjoyed your site. I would like to add specific links to your site on my preschool Bible curriculum website www.abcjesuslovesme.com Please email me at webmaster@abcjesuslovesme.com so that we can exchange links. Thanks!

  3. Thanks you for the book suggestions; I'm definitely going to look for those for our son, because we just started cooking pancakes with him (not only can't he eat egg or milk, but he is allergic to wheat!). I'm going to post our recipe tomorrow. I'm also subscribing to your blog now -- great craft ideas!

  4. Thanks for sharing this great idea:) My kids love pancakes and coloring. The site is thecolor.com.


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