Monday, March 9, 2009

Around the House in Spanish

This idea came to me while exchanging e-mails with Shannon from TeachingTinyTots

She was asking me when did I started teaching my daughter Spanish,
but since Spanish my first language,
I taught them from birth
So is never to early to start a second language
I offer her to help
specially now that my trip is coming
and I won't be able to do so many preschool activities with my little one
So we agreed on a few lists of things to start

Around the House

Alrededor the la casa

Sink Lavatorio

Stove Estufa

Refridgerator refrigerador

Table Mesa

Chair Silla

Couch Mueble

Computer Computadora

Fireplace Chimenea

Lamp Lampara

Bathtub Tina de Baño

Toilet Excusado

Bathroom Baño

Kitchen Cosina

Living Room Sala

Family Room Cuarto Familiar

Books Libros

Bedroom Dormitorio

Bed Cama

TV Televisor

Dresser Comoda

Closet Armario

Laundry Room Lavanderia

Washer Lavadora

Dryer Secadora

Dishwasher Lavaplatos


  1. That is great. I am teaching my toddler Spanish. It is my Mom's first language. I learned English first, then Spanish.

    I made picture books with out of photos and pictures of things around the home. I would say the name for the item in Spanish showing my son the picture. I also placed a written label for each item in spanish under the photo/picture.

  2. what great ideas- I have been trying to learn spanish since jr high.. I can speak it...okay..but would like to be more fluent.

    I started introducing it to my kids and invited a friend of mine and her family ( who are from Columbia) to come to my house once a month for a Spanish only night. We play games, read stories, have a treat- and speak only in spanish! I am so grateful they are willing (And honestly I think they enjoy it as much as we do!) But it helps make our "study" of the language more practical.

  3. oh- I followed your link from the bookworm site- nice to meet you!

    I can see why your site has been honored with so many awards!


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