Sunday, March 1, 2009

Celebrating Dr. Seuss!

Today we are going to be celebrating
Dr. Seuss
with a few free printables.

First we are planning on reading
"the Cat in the Hat"

for a craft we'll be using
an oatmeal container to make the hat
cutting and gluing some red and white strips of construction paper,
and for the bottom of the hat,
we'll be using a paper plate with a whole in the middle.
I promise to post a picture as soon as we are done with it :)

We are also going to be doing connect the dots

with the cat in the hat, and a maze

we also have a coloring pagea hats counting sheet

a rhyming worksheet

and a drawing worksheet for your little one to be creative

You can find all these worksheets here



  1. Great resources; thanks! Please consider coming to sign the "Mr Linky" on my site, where I'm hoping to collect links to Seuss posts today:

  2. Love Dr. Seuss and his work! We had fun at our local library celebrating this evening. Hope your family had fun as well.

    Creative and Curious Kids!
    God's Shining Stars


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