Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just a note...

We are getting ready to start with the letter F,
is going to be a lot of fun stuff :)
I also wanted to let you know
that an unexpected trip to South America, Ecuador, has come,
and have to go from March 13th (Jessica's 4th birthday) to March 24th,
so during that time you won't see any posts from me,
but I'll post pictures of our trip and what my kids learned once I get back.
I am also attempting to bring
workbooks and materials in spanish to post them here.
So for now I am trying to get everything ready for the trip.
Busy, busy, busy.
Lot's of fun things comming up :)
Oh! I almost forgot,
we are also going to start doing
when we come back from the trip


  1. have a safe trip can't wait to see pictures!!!
    my LO turns 3 on the 13th!!!

  2. Hope you have a good trip. Where do you keep getting all the ideas for your new backgrounds and graphics? I just love them. Are they hard to create?

  3. Thanks for the nice comments, I don't know how to create backgrounds (yet)lol but I do create my own headers for me blog sometimes, this one I didn't either lol, but for the ones I make I just play around with my huge collection of digital scrapbooking and my programs :) thanks


I love your comments :)