Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Golden Egg Book

Last night we started reading
"the Golden Egg"
and for a craft
we took some glue mixed with a little bit of water
yellow yarn
and a water balloon
We dipped the yarn in the glue
(careful... really messy) lol

and covered the water balloon with the yarn
we used lots of strings to be able to cover
the balloon as much as possible
leaving some empty spaces just for the art of it :)

once done, we let it dry
and our finished result...

after we popped the balloon
we have a golden egg

Thanks to MoreMomTime who I got the idea from here


  1. That is so sweet - I love it. :) THank you for dropping by and for your sweet comments~

  2. We read this book today and we loved it!!! We also made the Easter eggs last's a small world!

  3. Her egg turned out so good! What a cute idea!

  4. I like so much this egg. That´s a cute idea. Maybe I will do it with my children.
    Sory for my english...I´m portuguese.
    Kisses from Portugal.

  5. Great idea. I love to see a great story paired with a fun project!

  6. This is such an adorable book. Great egg too!


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