Friday, April 17, 2009

Letter I

We finally are trying to get back to our normal life
if you could call it normal lol
we continue with the letter Ii
our art for this letter is painting with Ice

First we print the letter I on watercolor paper
then we color with watercolor pencils

Then I gave Jessica an ice
to rub it on top of her color sheet,
she was fascinated by the blending effect
of the ice with the watercolor pencils

And here is the final result after is dry

At the end of all the letters I'll be making an
Alphabet Art book, so for that
I will need to iron this one to flatten the page :)

Here are other I worksheets for you to download

I make sure Jessica practices her I sound
while coloring or writing her letter I

And for this last worksheet
I tought Jessica that the letter I
has two sounds
I for Ice Cream
and I for Igloo


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  1. What a great idea painting with ice. I bet she really enjoyed that activity.


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