Friday, May 1, 2009

Bible lesson 1 Creation

We finally squeezed a lesson so far today,
we are starting to do ABCJesusLovesMe Bible curriculum.
Since we are beginners at the Bible lessons
we are starting with the 3 y. old curriculum following the Bible part of it only
because we already started with the letters, numbers, etc. on our own before we discovered ABCJesusLovesMe,
this wonderful site is going to be my guide for the Bible lessons
it has tons of ideas and printables for free, which we have been doing with Jessica, every chance we get this days.
Besides this, I found a

It gives you different ideas of what to do
at the bottom of the page

Right here Jessica is gluing the tail on the lion and the mouse



  1. We just started ABC Jesus Loves me last week! I love it. Thanks for sharing the activity book. I will be posting about our activities on Saturday for tot school if you are interested.

  2. What a great activity book! Thanks Clemencia. I have added to the curriculum!



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