Monday, July 6, 2009

Anybody else having problems with Blogger?

Hello everybody,

I am curious if anybody else is having problems with their blog?

I have noticed for 2 days now, that I can not view half of my right side panel

it just doesn't show my blog roll and other things that I have there.

Can you see the Blogs I like list on the right hand side of my blog here?

because I can't. If anybody knows what happened, please let me know...

I appreciate the help :)


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  1. I notice your blog roll and the link to your other blog was missing earlier today. I thought you were working on them. They are still missing. All I see on your right side bar is the following:
    Your photo, button, contact me link, Followers
    Labels, Search this blog (which says loading)
    Daily Freebies, and button links to other sites
    and that's it.

  2. wow! now they are back :)
    go figure lol

  3. Hi Clemencia, glad everything's working for you now. Isn't that frustrating when something decides to go crazy for a while?


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