Wednesday, July 8, 2009

M for Math Games

I've been reading this book
which has some awesome ideas for math games
My daughter's favorite so far is the Penny Toss
for the game you only need:
plain paper
pennies one for each player
and paper clips
the game consist on folding a plain paper in 8 sections,
then we chose eight numbers beween one and ten,
wrote the numbers in each section of the playing board (paper)
we sat on the bed, with the playing board in between us.
we took turns throwing the pennies at the game board,
when it lands on one of the numbers,
you take that many paper clips.
You throw a second time and collect more clips.
two thows for each player is all, at the beginning.
Then wecount our clips out loud to see who has the most.
Jessica had lots of fun counting her clips
as well as mine :)
and for extra practice, for higher number counting
we threw the penny more than twice
before we count who has the most clips
Is very fun, I hope you try it out :)

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  1. It does sound like a lot of fun. I should try it out.

  2. What a great game! How old is your daughter? I hope you post some more math games in the future:)

  3. This sounds like such a neat game. I'm sure everyone had lots of fun.


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