Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Letter N

We continue with our letters

N for numbers

so we decided to make our

number collage book

were we use our coloring books

that we found at the dollar store

after coloring the numbers

we glue on the next page the number of items

like number 3 and the next page has

3 peas, 3 birds, etc.

it helps preschoolers develop

a number sense while learning to count

let's see how far we go :)

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  1. You always do such fun things. I love visiting and reading your blog. Thanks for sharing so much!

  2. A great start to your number scrapbooks! Well done :)

  3. I love your number book. Clearly your daughter loves coloring. I would be really challenged to convince my daughter to color so much on a big picture. Who chooses what to put on the page opposite the number?

  4. Great ideas!! I think I'll try this one with my toddler : )


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