Saturday, August 1, 2009

what we've been doing this week

Between looking for a job, cooking, and
several appointments to attend
we manage doing some things this week
mostly free play
Here is Jessica playing picnic with her baby,
she is reading her journal to the baby also :)

Jessica seems very interested in exploring
one of her baby books, and she pretends
reading it too

Is always great help to have magnetic letters at home
specially when mommy is cooking.
Jessica surprise me here.
She was sorting the letters by color
all her own idea :)

For this picture, Jessica told me that
she was making alphabet soup...

and then she decided to write
her name and her sister's name
complaining that is not fair
that her sister's name has more letters
than hers :)

We also played with flashcards
she loves writing/copying
what's on them, and also translating them to spanish

I love this building toy
that we got from a Resource Library
we are lucky to have one here :)

She says she wants to be like daddy
and build things,
since my husband has been building a
new computer,
she wants to build her own things also :)

It's amazing to see how much kids learn from you :)
You are their role model :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a busy week. It's funny what you said about the tools and being like dad - my sons have that tool set and love to build things just like dad.

  2. Great blog! I Love your template! I just gave you an award for your blog. Swing by to accept it.

  3. Your template is great and so are your posts. I just gave your blog an award. Swing by to claim it.


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