Monday, July 12, 2010

Free Bible Curriculums and a note for bloggers

I've been thinking long and hard about closing my blog
I almost don't post activities that I do with my daughter
I hardly get any comments to my posts.
I have come to realize that between taking pictures,
downloading, uploading and posting them, I rather
take that time to do things and go places with her.
I have to come to my reality that I am not homeschooling
she is starting kindergarten soon and I have to take advantage
of our time together as much as posible, which comes the same
for my teenage daughter now 15. (So proud of both of them:)
Already as it is, I spend a lot of time in the computer
reading blogs, articles and books that gives me a lot of ideas
and resources to do with my daughters.
So to make a long story short (well... kind of)
I'm organizing my blog and making it easier to find resources
I might go crazy again and start posting our activities together
but as of now I have too much in my hands.
I do appreciate all my fellow bloggers for the
awesome resources and ideas...
Homeschooling Moms and Teachers Rock!

So that said here is my first resource

Free Bible Curriculums

ABC Jesus Loves Me awesome and well organized curriculum for 3 and 4 y. olds
Calvary Chapel has a version in english and spanish also

Children's Chapel click on Bible Stories

Hubbards Cupboard click on Christian Resources

Bible Class Curriculum Click on Elementary Bible Class Curriculum

Wycliffe Bible Translators a little different but very nice

Garden of Praise go to section for children's bible lessons

Sabbath School & Personal Ministries click on the age of your child

Sermons4Kids go under Sermon index

Fishers of Kids You can click on View Curriculum before downloading

DLTK's Bible Lesson Plans here you get to choose alphabetically or in order of the books of the Bible

Kidology Open source Bible curriculum for grades 1 to 6 for Kidology members.  Basic membership is free.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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  1. I just stumbled here by way of a Tweet I saw. Thanks for the round up of resources. Several of these are new to me.

  2. Thanks so much. Hope you'll find time to
    post once in a while.


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