Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Reading Program and Resources

As we are getting ready for our local Summer Reading Program with my daughter Jessica, who now finished Kindergarten, I've been looking for books that she can read by herself, so she can participate proudly at our Public Library Summer Reading Program.

Looking for a list of books that are at her level, I found this websites that might help somebody out there :)

  Leveled Book Lists  this is a nice list of books divided into grade levels which I am planning to use first the kindergarten level and hopefully we'll get to the first grade level list too.
It also has a list of the books in alphabetical order by title and author.

I also found at Hubbards Cupboard an article about Guided Reading in Kindergarten  which is a very helpful resource, worth reading every link this website has on it.

And last but not least, Scholastic has a Book Wizard where you can choose a book by doing a search depending on your child's grade, reading level, language, book type, topic or subject and Genre or Theme you want.
Well, I hope this helps somebody out there. 
I'll be posting more as I find more resources :)
Thanks for reading my blog :)

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