Friday, July 1, 2011

Books We Read this week

I love my Mom by Anna Walker

We loved this book
even though it had some words that were a little hard
for my daughter to read by herself
it looks very easy to read
so she got encourage to do it on her own,
Love the illustrations and soft colors :)

This is another book that looks very easy to read
and for some reason...
I think is the puppy, that children love Biscuit
Perfect for beginner readers

Adorable, just like all the Brownie & Pearl books
Pictures are so pretty
and easy to read

Since we got this at the library as an audiobook
Jessica wanted to read it again
kids love froggy
ideal for boys and girls

My daughters love cooking!
and this is the perfect book for them
we found so many recipes that they want to try
that I'll have to go buy it
I love the way it has pictures of what they need first

and then the instructions of what to do
Simply Lovely!

Thank You so much for reading my blog
and following me :)

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