Monday, September 5, 2011

Lesson Plan 1st week September

This is my Lesson Plan for the first week od Sept. for my 2 y. old classroom:

I am trying to incoorporate a little bit of everything:
Bible curriculum thanks to abcjesuslovesme and her 2 y. old curriculum is awesome :)
together with one Christian song and a Bible verse every week, also
a color, number, letter, nursery rhyme, shape, manners and opposites each week.

Here is my try at my own made curriculum taking in consideration that at the school I work at
I can not use patterned art or crafts, coloring pages, or worksheets.

Everything has to be related to free play and real items.
For Example: I can not use a picture of an apple unless is a picture of a real apple,
so for shapes, colors, etc, I have to show them items with the color and shape I am teaching.
That said, here is my First week:

M Sept 5 Labor Day

T Sept 6

Indoor Activity: (IA)
God Created the Heaven and the Earth (Art) Painting flat on the table

Outdoor Activity: (OA)
Play along with music: This little light of mine              

W Sept 7

IA: Pretending to be a Baker "Pat - a - cake"
OA: I spy "Red" things

TH Sept 8

IA: Bring my "one" toy please
OA: walking on a "Circle" (using hoops)

FR Sept 9

IA: Sitting Quietly (manners)
OA: Up and down (opposites)

I'll be posting pictures, hopefully everyday (wishful thinking, I know lol)
but I'll post them for sure :)

Thanks for reading my blog :)

God Bless you all,

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