Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cooking with kids article

I found this article from kids-cooking-activities that I would like to share :)

Steps To Teaching Kids To Cook

1.Plan meal. Sit down and plan what meal you will be working on our what recipe you will be making. Read through it making sure you have all ingredients available and the recipe is not too complicated. Plan out the steps you will be using to create the recipe or meal.

2.Shopping. Shop for the ingredients needed. This is a great way for kids to learn about the whole process of cooking.

3.Prep work. Read your recipe through again if needed. Wash your hands, a very important step in teaching your kids to cook. Prep work involves anything that needs done before the actual cooking such as chopping, peeling, and preparing ingredients that the recipe calls for.

4.Preparing and cooking. Now we get down to the actual cooking and preparing of the meal. This is the step where you put all your ingredients together and create, cook or bake.

5.Clean up. Remember to clean as you go especially utensils and dishes used with raw meats and eggs. This step can be done while something is cooking in the oven and you are waiting. Clean up involves cleaning dishes, counters and floors if needed. Remember to put dirty towels and aprons in the laundry also.

Remember the importance of praising your kids work. Even if their accomplishment may look less than perfect little by little and step by step they will become master chefs if given the opportunity and it is something they enjoy.

Now you can sit back and enjoy their cooking.

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