Saturday, November 26, 2011

Getting Crafty and Organized

Lately, We have been trying to get organized here at home.
But of course that's very boring for kids.
So instead of telling my daughter that we were going to organized her headbands,
I told her that we were going to do a craft
So I took an oatmeal container and some scrapbooking paper
measure the length of the container and cut the paper to that length.

For the big oatmeal container you'll need 2 scrapbooking papers
because they don't go all the way around the container.

Then we drew the lid on the container, cut it and glue it.

By the way the glue we used for this project was a spray glue.
You don't want to get your paper wet with the liquid white glue.

That's it!

For some reason in this 2 first pictures
the top paper looks pink but it's blue

I let my daughter (now 6 years old)
choose her own papers, her own colors.
It makes it more unique, more herself.

When we were done.
We put all her headbands there and... 

no more mess :)

Thanks for reading my blog :)


  1. What a great idea! And I'll bet that your daughter will continue using it because she helped make it.

  2. What a super idea! I'm bookmarking this for a craft to do with my granddaughter. Thanks!


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