Friday, August 2, 2013

Is anybody having problems with Blogger?

I really don't know what's happening, I've been trying to blog for days now and is not letting me do a lot of things.

I can't highlight a word to put a link to it.
Or go back to the last sentence with my mouse, I have to do it with the up and down arrow keys of my keyboard, I have send feedback to blogger but nothing!

I am getting very frustrated that I can't blog, almost ready to give up and close my blogs, please anybody knows what's going on?

Even to start composing, the cursor doesn't show up in my box. I had to press all kinds of buttons on my mouse to make it show up.  I thought it was my mouse, but it works everywhere else in every document I tried it works highlighting words except on my blog?

Can anybody help?

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  1. I have time with it too. I also don't know what I am doing, but learn each day something new. My grandson is the one who got me started or wouldn't even have a Blog! Visit me at Foxy Stamping. :)


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