Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Sometimes things fall right in since Jessica already knows the letters sounds I decided to start with some more Phonics, so yesterday morning we went to the library and checked out: Phonics Fundamentals vol 1 and vol 2, and she played a game in the computer at the library (since we are not allowed to check it out :( , "the cat in the hat", for the first time she sits and listen to the whole story while the computer reads it to her, after that she started making the "a" sound and noticing that "a" is in cat and hat, so we went home and copied the "a" worksheet from Phonics Fundamental vol 2, which is the one she liked (sometimes you have to go with what they want to do) right?
So here she is everything that has an "o" in it like "fox" has to be colored yellow,
the same for "a" like bat, fan, has to be colored blue,
and everything with "i" like "pin" has to be colored red.
And there is always playtime, with her kitchen that she got for Christmas
She really loves cooking, and making breakfast for everybody :)
what are your favorite phonic resources?


  1. I like Star Fall online but then I think it costs money. At home we love the "Now I'm Reading" Animal Antics and Amazing Animals (Vol1 &2) series from Innovative Kids, AlphaPhonics, of course the classic Bob books series. We grab resources from wherever they find interest this early on. I have 5 the oldest three which are voracious readers! Yeah, BOOKS!

  2. Sonya, thanks for your comment on what are you using for phonics, I'll have to check those out; about Starfall if you go to this link, there are a lot of things that they can do for free, enjoy!

  3. My son really took to the Letter Factory DVD from Leap Frog. We used to play it in the car on errand day and after a few times watching it, he had all the phonics sounds for the letters, using a song he learned from the DVD.
    Amazon link:


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