Saturday, January 10, 2009

Numbers and spanish

Lately, we have been doing
numbers, numbers, numbers
We took this cut and paste snowflake worksheet from childcareland (note: this changes daily), and gave it a twist, instead of cutting and pasting we played with playdoh dots. she put as many dots of playdoh as the worksheet has it drawn, and then we cut it and place it in the correct place (not done in the picture yet) as you can see lol
Besides that, I've been teaching my daughter more Spanish than usual, I take every sentence and say it in Spanish first, then in English, for example, I tell her
Lavate las manos por favor, and then I say Wash your hands please...
Also we have been counting in Spanish to 10.


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  3. Free math website for kids

  4. They're just so fun when they're that age. There's so many fun AND educational things to do with them. You have lots of great ideas!!


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