Friday, January 2, 2009

Letter A

Well, today we keep on with the letter A
we printed the letter A and used it as a playdoh mat
it gave us the opportunity to play and learn together

We also did a few things that start with A
apple, alligator, and angel (but this one got distroyed by my daughter since for some reason she didn't like it lol


  1. Thank you for coming by and entering the contest on my Good Reads blog.

    I really like the playdo mats!

  2. Thank you for coming by my Good Reads blog and entering the contest,

    I like the playdo mats for letter practice!

  3. Hi Clemencia, I left a response to your query on momma sassy, and yes, I am thedailydelights blogger. I try to write once a week on momma sassy. I love what you're doing with your kiddos! Looking forward to reading more of your great ideas. delights gal

  4. Awww, I remember those days (playdo and alphabet). Your daughter must be learning a ton and having so much fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog (teachafish).

  5. Thanks SO MUCH for visiting and COMMENTING on my blog. I am always curious and have to follow to see the blog of those who comment and I AM SO GLAD I DID!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! You have GREAT ideas and links!!! WOW!! I will be linking to you in a future CWR post on my blog! TOO GOOD not to share!!! :D


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