Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Letter H and hopping like a bunny

Today we decided to continue with the letters

H for holes

We took the letter Hh worksheet

and printed 2 papers for this letter art

Jessica colored one of the letter Hh

then we cut it, she cut the straight lines

and I did the curved lines

after that we took a hole puncher

and punched all over the colored Hh

then she put glue on the second Hh worksheet


this is what we got,

now Jessica wanted to do some more,

so she glued the little circles

that we got from the hole puncher

and that's what we got at the top (the first picture)

After doing the letter H

we started thinking on what words start with H

so what better that Easter time

to start hopping like a bunny

you can get the bunny mask here

We also thought of the word Hot

since I had to cook,

Jessica decided to do the same

cook the playdoh style

and these are the hot meals that she cooked for me

sorry for the blur, not easy to take pictures with

really dirty hands lol

Besides that we gave each other lots of

Here is a review of some of our words in Spanish
Hop = salta
Hot = caliente
hole puncher = perforadora
here = aqui
hug = abrazo


  1. Gresat Ideas. Hope you had a Blessed Easter.
    I have given your blog an award. Please visit this link to pick it up:


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