Tuesday, April 14, 2009

what's keeping us so busy?

Well... we decided to do some Spring cleaning
around the house,
is a great way to teach them things
about the daily life
or I guess you could call it Montessori also :)

We also decided to work on shapes
since we found this great workbook
at the dollar store
Here is a picture of some free play
Jessica just takes all her toys out
but her favorite are her babies

and last but not least
we are pet sitting for our neighbor (for free)
and Jessica is having a blast with them
since they are little is more for her size
we do have a Golden Retreiver of our own
so she is use to pets

so right now we have a super full busy house
we have a Golden Retreiver
2 chickens, we got them when they were baby chicks
a caterpillar, Jessica wants to raise a butterfly again
(we did it last spring, awesome experience for every one in the house)
and now 2 more puppies, but they'll be temporarily here
So now you know what has been keeping us
extremely busy without posting all this days... lol

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  1. Sounds like someone is REAL busy. Hope your having fun.


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