Thursday, May 7, 2009

Flowers for Mother's Day

Today we finished this paper flowers
how pretty they came out
ready for Mommy or Grandma
for Mother's Day :)

First we took a coffee filter
folded 3 times
then we used food coloring
just a few drops of different colors here and there
teaching my daughter at the same time
that this little bottles don't need to be squeezed :)

After she finished putting all the color drops
we wet it with a brush
then we got a towell ready
and opened it slowly do it doesn't break

we let it dry overnight
colors become bright the next day

once is dry
we take it in our hands and wrinkle
the middle of the coffee filter to form the flower
and to hold it together we used pipecleaners
just wrap it around a few times
and that becomes the stem of the flower

here is the final result :)

We'll be also trying to color the coffee filters
with watercolor pencils and
markers and water to blend the colors

Flores para el Dia de las Madres

Flower = Flor
flowers = flores
Mother = Madre
Mom = Mama



  1. OH CUTE! I was going to make one out of cupcake papers but couldn't figure out how to do the stems...what a perfect idea.


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