Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Letter K

Today we planned on working on the letter K,
but before we could do her craft, she asked
me to practice her letter K writing
so I pulled out this K worksheet

she was so happy to do it
she finally got it
fustration is over
now she feels confident on making her letter K

so after that we practice the sound
of the letter K together with her writing
and this one to show her some words
that start with the letter K

here is another one to practice the letter K sound

and this one to show her some words that use
the letter K at the end of the word

So here are our letter K words in spanish

kettle = tetera
kite = cometa
king = rey
kangaroo = kanguro
koala = koala
key = llave
book = libro
duck = pato
truck = camion
black = negro


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  1. Hello Clemencia,
    Thank You for your nice message...I´m so glad
    You can use the google translator on my page...
    A kiss from Portugal,


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