Friday, May 22, 2009

Solving her own problems

There has been lot of free play for Jessica this days

my older daughter (14) had a 104 F fever for 3 days

and the doctors couldn't find anything (???),

now she is doing better :) thank God, anywyas...

here is Jessica finding solutions to her own problems

she got this little doll house for Christmas, which she plays with a lot

but when she puts the furniture and the dolls in it

and she moves for any reason, everything falls off

so she took matters in her own hands

she taped her dolls and the furniture in the house lol

how clever is that!

and is funny, she has no problem

sticking it and unsticking it everytime she wants it out lol

In this one she is playing mommy

after watching a show on TLC about birth stories

so she decided to go take care of her baby

and inb these two las pictures

she continues her free play

with her my little pony and a pet shop

that she loves so much

thanks so much for reading :)


  1. What a problem solver. You must be proud.
    The girls look that their time was well spent. I love the picture of your little one taking care of her baby,

  2. great idea! looks like she has had fun! and free play is wonderful and educational too

    glad your oldest feeling better!


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