Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's day activities

Look at this work of art! :)

We were lucky enough to find this clear coffee mug
at Bed bath & beyond, boy! we couldn't resist
is perfect for father's day, and for painting

So Jessica got a little color class,
we took acrylic paints, only bought the basic colors
red = rojo
blue = azul
white = blanco
yellow = amarillo
and we did some color mixing
red + white = pink (rosado)
blue + red = purple (morado)
blue + yellow = green (verde)
red + yellow = orange (anaranjado)
and at the top you have the final proyect :)

We also have a father's day poem
from Childcareland

and a father's day card
from childcareland also

I saw this very cute father's day card
on another blog, sorry I don't remember where
so if this is yours please let me know
to give you credit. I love it

and here are the tools for it :)

here are other ways to do a cute
father's day card with this tool box

and some other tools to go with it

and more tools :)

You can find all this father's day worksheets here


  1. This craft is so cool. My husband has a birthday coming up, and it looks like a perfect gift (provided that the paint doesn't get inside). I will bookmark this post for the next Father's Day.

  2. These are some great ideas! My husband would love the mug! Thank you for sharing this! Your blog is super, so glad I found it!!

  3. We printed the printables you posted and we'll be using them for a card. Thank you!


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