Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Phonics Cut and Paste off blog sorry

I am sorry I had to take down my Phonics cut and paste share

I received a warning in my inbox:

Clemencia –

I saw your recent post on the phonics worksheets and really feel that I should let you know something, in case you are unaware of it. Scanning documents that you downloaded from other sites or that you found in a workbook goes against copyright laws. If you mention the worksheet and link to the book you found them in or the site you found them on that’s fine, but scanning and uploading to share with others is not. It essentially boils down to ~ file sharing is illegal and there can be serious consequences if a publisher were to pursue legal action on you for sharing them without permission. A lot of the companies that produce the worksheets are small family-owned companies that are doing their best to survive, and depend on sales of their workbooks for that survival. When books/worksheets are shared by others uploading like that, the authors lose out and companies end up shutting down. Just wanted to let you know if you are not aware of copyright issues

Sorry if I harmed anybody, not my intention, just wanted to help



  1. yep i learned tons about copyright laws when i reviewed the kitchen table play and learn and activities in a bag!

  2. I didn't see that you had offered the file for download - did you? And you did link to the free file, right? In the future, can you just take a partial screen shot to share? I am wondering.

  3. I have been reading about copyright laws when I decided to make printables to share on Scribd. Some bloggers now have their blogs copyrighted.

  4. Clemencia,
    She is right. But most copyright infringement happens innocently because people don't know or understand the very complex laws of it. As one of your loyal readers, I appreciate your honesty. You didn't know, and you rectified it. That shows a lot of integrity, thank you!

    And your blog is don't have to "get it copyrighted." It is automatically copyrighted. At the bottom of your blog, just put the copyright symbol, the year(s), and your name. That is all you have to do. (But I am not a lawyer, so don't hold me to it).

    In the future, you can ask the person with the original content permission to use their photo or content. I do it everytime I want to use an image (or content) from somone's site...even big companies. I have always gotten a yes and I am always covered!


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