Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun and Learning

Going back to our normal activities
here are some of the things we have been doing
this idea was taken from
a handmade word family game
I didn't do as much as Kari, we are starting slow
only with the at family for now

Jessica loved this game,
she was fascinated to see that all our efforts
in learning the letter sounds are paying off
she is so happy she is learning to read

We also got inspire an started playing with the
magnetic letter on the fridge

Jessica also does a lot of dramatic play
this time she was playing mommy
taking pictures of her toys

and pretend grocery shopping :)

Have to love them! :)


  1. story time is beautiful

    I come from Thailand

  2. It's exciting that Jessica is learning to read. It's been sort of "touch and go" here. Anna likes to do CVC games on in "Learning to Read" section. She does them perfectly. Unfortunately, it doesn't translate yet into any desire to read by herself. Maybe she is afraid that we will stop reading to her. LOL.

  3. We are doing word families too! Great ideas.

  4. I used similar letter sliders with Emily when she was first learning how to read. They work very well! I'm always looking for ways to encourage the kids to read - it is so important!


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