Tuesday, June 2, 2009

thrifty literacy games

We started our journey
teaching Jessica how to read
forming a few words
my first advice,
never skip the toy/games isle
at the thrift shop, the game was opened
and incomplete of course...
but it was only missing 2 words
and it was .59c :)

Isn't this awesome!

this game gives them the opportunity
for manipulatives with the puzzle picture
and the word forming with the letter tiles

this game gave me the idea that
we can easily make this at home
by cutting pictures from a magazine
or old children's books (from the thrift shop)
cutting them in 4 pieces to make the puzzle and laminate it
and use letter tiles from any scrabble game

I hope this help us inspire us some more :)
thanks so much for reading my blog.


  1. we have it i used it with my oldest! it is fun and makes learning fun!

  2. This is giving me an idea. :) I'll post it tomorrow on my blog!

  3. That is a great idea to teach words to little ones. We have a similiar wooden letter tile game with a picture cards from Leap pad. I think I will take ours out to play with today. Thank you for sharing!


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