Sunday, September 6, 2009

Not just primary colors

We were learning about colors

so we started teaching our kids

about primary colors

red = rojo

blue = azul

yellow = amarillo

that when mixed they make the secondary colors

yellow + red = orange (anaranjado)

blue + red = purple (morado

blue + yellow = green (verde)

this cup that you see on the left

is a color mixer, very well worth to have

because it keeps the colors separated

until we pour it out,

that's when you see the magic

of mixing colors and the new color comes out :)

In this lesson they don't just learn

how to mix colors

but also the color comes in a little pill

that melts in the water

(like the ones for egg coloring, on easter time)

so we teach them the meaning of the word "melt"

and also how the pill "disolves" in water.

After the mixing color activity

we put the water colors in little cups

for the kids to learn how to use the dropper

and learn how just a few drops of paint

on a napkins spreads in such an awesome way

to make art


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  1. This looks and sounds like a very fun activity. Thank you for sharing, I have some left over colors from Easter, might have to try them and see how it works.

  2. What a great color mixing activity! We have drip drop painted as well in the past. A very good developer of fine motor skills.

  3. where did you find that color mixer pitcher? what a cute idea! love the spanish tie in as well!

  4. I keep wanting to make a color mixing activity with a dropper. Of course, by now my daughter had plenty of experiences mixing colors together, but I think it would still be fun. Your preschool sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. I remember having those pitchers when I taught prek! How is the job going?

    hope all is well!


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