Thursday, November 12, 2009

My little indian

Well, just as planned, we are starting our
thanksgiving decorations.
Here is a little indian hat that Jessica
had so much fun to decorate
very simple, fun and easy
Simply take a strip of white construction paper
which will make it a little sturdier than regular paper
make your little indian, color it :)
then get 4 different colors of construction paper
for the leaves, cut it, and make your little one
draw a straight line down the middle of the leaf
with a few smaller lines coming out of it
as the vains of the leaf
staple it together on the back
and they'll be wearing it so proud
of making such a fun project for themselves

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  1. What a great job she did on her Indian hat! I know Selena had fun making hers the other day. I think most kids do enjoy making these adorable Indian hats.

  2. How cute. We will be making some Indian crafts next week when we cover our Thanksgiving unit study. Great to see you!

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  4. thank you so much for the suggestion, but right now time is the problem since I started working full time :)


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