Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Starting our Christmas Season

Well, is December already...
We started the Christmas Season with some
simple activities,
Here my preschoolers got creative
with some glitter paint, when I asked them
to make a Christmas Tree

is amazing to see, how they are all the same age
but with different artistic levels :)
And this is one is a die cut that the children
painted with the same glitter paint
and when it dried they decorated it with
some star stickers

great for using as name tags for the carpet
to sit on during circle time :)
At home you can use them as great decorations
or as an ornament if you use a thicker paper :)
I hope you enjoy my activities :)


  1. I always enjoy coming to Anna's school and seeing the same artwork by different kids. I wish they did more freestyle paintings as those. Have a happy holiday season!

  2. What beautiful paintings! I love how different they all are.


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