Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dental Health

This week we are going to started

Dental Health week

so how about some fun

dental math

to make this fun I'll give them each a set

of toothbrushes, like those from the dollar store

and start adding them as we see on the worksheets


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  1. Whoa, I'll be shocked if your preschoolers can actually do abstract math. Anna's math in preschool is still pretty much "count the objects in the picture and connect them to the right number" kind. Still - thank you for nice printables!

  2. Hi sweety, yes, my preschooler are doing some abstract math, as I say in my post, we give them a certain amount of items an we follow along the math equation for example 3 + 1, we put 3 toothbrushes on one side and 1 toothbrush on the other side, put them together, count them and get the answer that way. Now some of our kids don't need to do this as they do it in their brain, as they say :).
    thanks for reading my blog, and for your nice comments :)


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