Friday, March 26, 2010

Learning with Peeps

O.k. this first one is not peeps, but who doesn't love chocolate bunnies and here you can go on a factory virtual tour is a good learning experience to see how they are made.

And here are some marshmallow peepsfun we can start with a virtual tour on how they are made, with some more pictures of the peeps factory here.

How about if you want to make your own peeps martha stewart shows us how.

and some peeps science is also posible

For arts and crafts your little one can really enjoy making this edible peep easter necklace.

I also liked this tutorial on how to draw a marshmallow peep

and here some peep art to get inspired to do whatever else you and your little ones like to do with them :)

I hope you enjoy them a lot :)

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  1. Thanks for all the links! I will use these with the boys!

  2. Actually, I can't stand the taste of peeps, but they are fun to look at during the Easter holiday. I usually buy them for others to enjoy.
    Thanks for the links- think my girls would like to see how they are made.

    Jen from Creative and Curious Kids!


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