Monday, March 15, 2010

Tales of Peter Rabbit

I've been wanting to make these for a while

they are called books in a bag, story stretchers,

literature activities, etc. However you want to call them,

they are the best way to help your child enjoy books.

So for my first one this season I have chosen

Peter Rabbit, starting with an awesome

lapbook from homeschool share

and a little Peter Rabbit song book found here

and also a cute review of what the book is about

together with a recipe and a list of words to know here

it's just a start, I'll be having more as soon as I have

a little free time :)

Personal life is taking over without any fun lol

Enjoy please! AND if you have any books in mind PLEASE

let me know I'll try my best to find activities related to your

book of request or if I have the time and creativity I'll make

some of my own.

Thanks so much for reading my blog :)

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  1. Oh, we just did a lesson on A Tale of Peter Rabbit. Thank you for the great resources.


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