Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Art Show II

Here is more from the art show :)
this one is really cute, they painted blindfolded
not knowing what colors they were choosing
was very fun :)

Remember to save a little bit of pasta
everytime you cook it, your child can get
creative with it and make you a collage :)

This one is rice art,
some of the rice is colored and here is how to do it
place 1/4 cup of vinegar with
3 or 4 drops of food coloring
put some uncooked rice to soak in the color mixture
for about 5 minutes
drain it and let it dry
now ready to make some rice art

Here we have some car racing painting
very fun specially for the little boys :)

How about some nature art,
don't forget to collect some seashells
when going to the beach,
they can even paint the shells
for more fun

And this one is painted with marbles,
in my classroom we put the marbles
inside a big closed container
so the kids are not touching them (safety reasons)
we put the paper inside the container
and let the kids squirt a little paint
on the paper to make the marble art :)

Get creative :)

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