Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hello there :) and Challenge

Oh my!, I can't believe I am being daring trying to get back to blogging again. 
Summer is here and TONS of new stuff had happen in our lives,
for those of you that would like to know here it goes... (if not just skip to the last part of this post :)

Well, we finally bought a house, I owe you the pictures of the house inside and out.  We have been painting the whole house! it seems endless, but I know is going to be worth it at the end.  But... for our luck the day after we sign the papers to buy the house, my husband got hit on the back of his car leaving him with a herniated, bulging and torn disc on his lower back, which means that he is supposed to take it easy, but you know how that goes... So we are getting ready to move, painting, packing, cleaning and all the good stuff that comes along with it.

Another new episode in my life is that, now I have my CDA (Child Development Associates) but here in Florida they call it ECPC (Early Childhood Professional Certificate) which is the equivalent.  That took a lot of me going to school two to three times a week from 6 pm to 10 pm, boy! that was a headache and you can not miss more than one class every module because if not you have to start all over again :( oh well... but.... I did it!!!

So besides all that, my kids are off school already.  Summer started and I am taking a new challenge (hopefully I stick with it) and have time to do it all summer, No time for flash cards has their 3rd Annual Summer Reading Challenge and I am going to take it.  You can find out how it works by clicking on the link above.

We love reading in this home, but we are so into moving, packing, cleaning, cooking that sometimes we don't give ourselves time to do the things we love and enjoy, so this challenge is perfect for us right now :)

Thank you so much for sticking with me all this time that I didn't blog :)

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  1. Clemencia...
    Congratulation on your ECPC! Hope that your house is coming along and that your husband is doing better.
    Take Care!


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