Friday, September 14, 2012

Bible lesson: Who made the Animals?

Our Bible lesson of the week for our two year old is:
Who made the Animals

You can work with picture cards or the animal toys
pull one out and ask the child

what animal is this?
a cow

what does it say?

who made the cows?
God, God made the cows

at this time you can extend their knowledge
and say cows give us milk and cheese

finishing with our last statement after every animal

asking them,

Can you say Thank You God for the cows?
and everybody repeats,
Thank You God for the cows

at the beginning all my kids,
when I asked:
Who made the kitties?
they will say:

but at the end of all the animals
They were all answering:

God made the sheep

before we put everything away I emphasise and say:

"God made all the animals"

"Thank You God for the animals"

 Is always a pleasure to help with little bit that I post here and there :)

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