Thursday, September 13, 2012

Alphabet Activities with Two's

We have started our alphabet activities with our two year old,
in the center I work is all hands on
We are not allowed to have letters, numbers or shapes posted on the walls
 so I came up with
A is for "Art"
and as we are doing Art, I emphasise the letter by saying:
a is for Art

This one was made with squirt bottles with the hole as small as you can make it :)
and the background is made with a tooth brush dipped in fingerpaint

this next one helps them practice their fine motor skills by tearing paper
from magazines, newspaper, etc
and then gluing it to construction paper

and this one is painted with feathers dipped in fingerpaints

To have a little variety in our program we make some of the art outdoors

Thanks for reading my blog,
more A activities coming up

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