Thursday, September 6, 2012

School and Homeschool?

Wow! is has been a while! September already! well... that's life! that's for sure :)


Have you ever done that?
Have you ever send your child to school and homeschool them at the same time?
Do you know of anybody who has a child going to school in the morning and homeschool in the afternoon?

Well, that's my situation now.  I had to pull my younger daughter out of a Christian School and put her in a public school (2nd grade) and at least for this year (who knows, maybe longer) I am going to homeschool her in the afternoon.
Well, without getting into some long stories here of what my family has been through for the last 3 to 6 months, all I have to say is that:

I am going to do it, and
I am going to do my best!

Like always, I am going to try to post here as much information as possible about her homeschooling, but don't forget I am a two year old teacher also, and I'll be posting those activities too :)

Thanks for reading my blog, even though I abandon it once in a while :(

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