Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life Cycles

This week we covered life cycles
starting with the life cycle of a Plant

I try to do everything hands on so we took some seeds and plant them in litlle plastic cups with soil and water, talking with the kids about what the seed needs to grow, soil, water, and the sun.

Then we moved on to the life cycle of the chicken
reading this book:

and showing the kids some pictures of their life cycle.

After that we did the life cycle of a frog,
they were soooo interested in this one,
I am pretty amazed!

and finally we made a frog craft

as you can see I gave each child a paper plate
but we encountered a problem,
we didn't have green paint for the frogs,
so I took the opportunity and taught them how to mix colors to make green

after the excitment of mixing colors
and making green
we went on to color our paper plates
to make a frog

We added some circles that the kids drew and cut themselves for the eyes
and I ask them to choose what color construction paper the wanted for the tongue
and on they went to cut a strip of paper for it.
One of the kids had the initiative to curl the paper by hand
which was a very clever idea,

so here is our finish product

A Frog!

I hope you enjoy my ideas :)

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