Thursday, March 20, 2014

Different Approaches to Matching Colors

As I mentioned before I took over a toddler classroom, the themes for the whole month of March were already done with the advantage that I can come up with the activities for what was written already.

Here is the lesson plan for the coming week:

Monday: Match the shamrock to its appropriate color

For this it can be as easy as gluing color shamrocks in construction paper matching the colors or
You can go the way I do it which is letting the kids move around... Having them sitting in circle time let them watch you place a paint bottle or different color construction paper on the floor or the table at the same time that you call the name of the color you are placing down, then call a child an give them a colored shamrock or whatever you are using to match colors and let them walk to the paint bottle to match the color and ask them what color do they have. Pretty simple, that's one way to go.

Another way to do this which is a little more fun would be having an obstacle course, place some pillows to jump over, a tunnel to go thru, a foam block to jump from, you get the idea; then explain the children while sitting in a circle what do they have to do, if possible demonstrate how to do it. Then call a child give them the colored shamrock and let them go thru the obstacle course to match it with the paint bottle that is waiting at the table :)

I'll post the rest of the week soon, hopefully tomorrow :)

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