Friday, September 12, 2014

Apple Theme and an Important Question at the End of the Post

At the Preschool I am working at, we are working on:
Letter A
Color Red
Number 1

The first and easiest thing to do your lesson plan on is
A for Apple, which is red also :)

But we, as preschool teachers have to come up with ideas for every day activities based on these themes, being frugal at the same time.

Here are some ideas on the themes (hopefully you can find something new here)

We can start by searching for an apple template, then we can do a few different things with it

We can paint it with a brush

Finger paint it with the whole hand or just using the fingers

Glue crumbled tissue paper on it

Glue tiny scraps of construction paper on it like a collage

Paint it using daubers

Paint it using a pom pom either holding it with the fingers or with preschool tweezers

You can print it, laminate it and use it as a playdoh mat

You name it! There are tons of things we can do with a printable outline, but in this case we are concentrating on just One Red Apple since that's the theme :)

Now if you want to do an Apple Tree you can do a few different things:

Glue pom poms as apples on the tree

Put fingerprints (apples) all over the tree

Glue crumbled red tissue paper as apples

Paint the apples with daubers all over the tree

Paint the apples on the tree with a pom pom.

They can always either paint or color the tree first either using crayons or markers.

Now I have to tell you... 

I enjoyed very much writing this post, but actually publishing it, made me doubt a lot. There are so many resources out there, not just other blogs from teachers, moms, homeschoolers, but also Pinterest, etc. is really crazy, it kind of brought me down and reminded me why I stayed away from posting in this blog for such a long time :( but...

I love blogging and I love sharing what I know, what I read, what I think it helps.  So please help me make this dream a reality, where I can share what I like and not be boring or repetitive.

How can I make this blog a better place for you?
What would you like to see more of?
I really want to help people out there, but I need help figuring out what do you need :)

Thanks for visiting me :)

By the way, you might be asking... what do I get out of it?

Self Satisfaction, a feeling of accomplishment of doing something productive with my life :)

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