Sunday, May 24, 2009

Outdoor fun

Boy! I miss doing things with my daughter
specially the craft projects,
lately it has been really hard for us to get back to our routine
since my husband had surgery,
I have to drive him back and forth to work
clean, cook, bathe the dogs, and the homework you can imagine by myself
but hopefully will get back to our normal activities soon
so while mommy cooks here is Jessica
showing daddy her flashcards
telling him the name of everything in english and spanish
and when it came to animals he asked her to make the sound of them
for the shapes and colors she had to say the name of them
Besides that, we spent lots of time outside today
and we discovered somebody has been making a house
in our garden, isn't that neat :)

Another thing we did was play with a lot of water
but since I haven't buy a little pool for Jessica yet
a huge container did the trick
having fun is what counts right? lol

So after Jessica got out of the water we bath the dogs
and we took drying time to do a little training
here is Jessica's cousing training the puppy to follow intructions :)

After that came Lady's bath, our Golden Retreiver;
and here is my 14 y.old daughter cleaning her ears after the bath
obviously my daughter is not looking at the camera
since mom is a picture maniac lol

but we couldn't be outside with the camera
and not take a picture of daddy with the cast
before the doctor takes it off,
so Jessica helped me take this picture

There are tons more activities that I still have to post
time is just not enough...

thanks so much for reading :)

Outdoor fun = Jugando afuera

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